Summer Dog Range

Keep with your four legged friends cool this summer with our fantastic summer range! Including Ice Bandanas, Ice Bones, Cool coats, Cool mats and Water toys.

July Promotions

  DOG Chappie 15kg £31.00 Dentastix 42,56,70 All – £10.00 each STABLE Red Gorilla Corn Brooms (Small) – £6.25 BIRD Bucktons Fat Balls 150 Box – 17.00 Black Sunflower 12.75kg – 17.50 Sunflower Hearts 20kg – 27.50 Horse Dodson & Horrell 16+ Mix £19.75 Dodson & Horrell Safe & Sound £15.75 Dodson & Horrell Mare […]

Rug Cleaning Services

  We offer a fortnightly rug cleaning service which also includes reproofing and repairs. For more information please call us on 01328 851 351

Keep Flies At Bay

Fly Prevention Products at GJL Keep the pesky flies away this summer with all of our favourite sprays, masks and other products. With such a large selection there is something for every budget. 

Cattle & Sheep

Smallholder Range – Allen & Page Sheep Mix “Smallholder Range Sheep Mix is a high quality, all-round maintenance feed and is ideal as an essential energy source when forage is in short supply. Suitable for ewes, rams and lambs from 5 weeks old, it is balanced with vitamins and minerals and contains prebiotics to help […]

Sow Supplies

Duffields Sow/Pig Feeds “Available in a range of protein and energy levels. All have high levels of vitamins and minerals to maximise milk quality, conception rates, numbers born and sow longevity.” “The diets are available as pencils, pellets or rolls. A choice of one or two stage sow feeding programmes are available.” Small Holder Range – Allen […]

Goat You Covered

We offer a range of products to suit every budget, from our own GJL Allstock Coarse Ration right through to our trusted brands.   Small Holder Range – All Round Goat Mix A nutritious higher energy goat mix suitable for milk producing and breeding goats, or as a maintenance diet for mature goats. Small Holder Range […]

Chill ‘N’ Chew

Our small pets love to feel safe and have fun, providing chewable tunnels and mats can prove to be great investments for a healthy,  happy pet. Our Chill ‘N’ Chew mats are 100% natural and made from from water hyacinth and rattan. Perfect for your bunny to nap on, or to chew. Our chewable tunnels […]

Smallholder Range

Layers Pellets With added Omega 3 oils for healthy birds and wonderful eggs. Contains grass, maize and marigold petals to promote a naturally golden yolk colour. Mixed Corn Wheat with Non-GM maize. A healthy and nutritious mixed corn treat for your birds. Available in 5kg and 20kg bags For good strong egg shells and optimum […]

Pets Corner – Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster and more..

We supply top quality products for all your small pets needs this consists of – Feed, Treats, Bedding, Boredom Breakers, Medicines, Toys and much more. Keeping You Rabbit Happy!                                  RSPCA – Guidance   “Rabbits are active and intelligent animals and […]