Sow Supplies

Duffields Sow/Pig Feeds

“Available in a range of protein and energy levels. All have high levels of vitamins and minerals to maximise milk quality, conception rates, numbers born and sow longevity.”

“The diets are available as pencils, pellets or rolls. A choice of one or two stage sow feeding programmes are available.”

Small Holder Range – Allen & Page

Pot-Bellied Pig Food

Pot-Bellied Pig Food is specially formulated to keep your pigs trim and to help reduce heat stress. It is high in fibre and lower in protein and energy, which also makes it ideal for KuneKune pigs, Micro-pigs and all other pet pigs.

As a Smallholder Range feed, Pot-Bellied Pig Food is also:
✅ Made from the highest quality, non-GM ingredients
✅ Vegetarian Society Approved
✅ Drug free

What Makes A&P Different? 

“We only use the highest quality non-GM ingredients. This means that everything that goes into our feeds is as natural as possible so you can keep your animals as naturally as possible 💚