Small Pets

GJL Animal Feeds has a range of Hamster, Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Rat, Chinchilla, Ferret, and Tortoise food. These come in small bags or the larger bags for commercial users. There is a selection of treats, toys, boredom breakers and tunnels available, We have small bags of Hay, Straw, Shavings, as well as Water Bottles and bowls. You can also purchase wormers and drops to stop the infestation of fleas and small parasites.   You can collect all of these products or for a very small charge, we can deliver.

We don’t sell hutches, we’re joining the “Rabbit Welfare Association” and challenging the Pet Retail Industry, we only stock products that satisfy a rabbit’s behavioural and emotional needs and encourage you to provide large, safe and spacious areas for your rabbits.

Latest Small Pet News

Chill ‘N’ Chew

Our small pets love to feel safe and have fun, providing chewable tunnels and mats can prove to be great investments for a healthy,  happy

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