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Keeping You Rabbit Happy!                                  RSPCA – Guidance  

“Rabbits are active and intelligent animals and will suffer if they get bored. As domesticated rabbits are usually confined for most of the day, freedom and choice are important.”

“Interesting environments that encourage physical and mental stimulation will create a happy home. Here’s what you need to know about enriching your rabbit’s home environment.”

What is Enrichment?

“Enrichment should increase the frequency and variety of their positive natural behaviours, and decrease abnormal behaviour. It should help them make the most of their environment and help them to cope with the challenges of captivity.”

Enrichment Means:
  • Improving the quality of your rabbit’s living areas so they have greater choices of activity and some control over their spatial/social environment
  • Improving your rabbit’s physical and psychological well being
  • Giving your rabbit social companionship with people or other rabbits
  • Giving your rabbit toys

For more information from the RSPCA about good owner tips, click the link below.