At GJL Animal Feeds we have a range of Fish food to cater for both indoor & outdoor fish. For pond fish we keep in stock food from Tetra fish food, for all seasons of the year. We also keep in Pets Choice Fish Food, which comes in 5kg and 10kg sacks. For the anglers amongst you we have the Skretting Coarse Fish Pellets in 25kg sacks, and can order in as a special, Halibut and Trout Pellets. Aquarian, Supa and Tetra fish food is on the shelf for fish kept indoors, Tropical Flakes, Goldfish Flakes, Pleco Wafers in various sizes. You can also find King British Turtle & Terrapin on the shelf at GJL.

Latest Fish News

Stop Those Herons

If you have a fish pond, one of the biggest challenges you may face is keeping herons away. These majestic birds can quickly decimate your

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