Cattle & Sheep

Smallholder Range – Allen & Page Sheep Mix “Smallholder Range Sheep Mix is a high quality, all-round maintenance feed and is ideal as an essential energy source when forage is in short supply. Suitable for ewes, rams and lambs from 5 weeks old, it is balanced with vitamins and minerals and contains prebiotics to help […]

Sow Supplies

Duffields Sow/Pig Feeds “Available in a range of protein and energy levels. All have high levels of vitamins and minerals to maximise milk quality, conception rates, numbers born and sow longevity.” “The diets are available as pencils, pellets or rolls. A choice of one or two stage sow feeding programmes are available.” Small Holder Range – Allen […]

Goat You Covered

We offer a range of products to suit every budget, from our own GJL Allstock Coarse Ration right through to our trusted brands.   Small Holder Range – All Round Goat Mix A nutritious higher energy goat mix suitable for milk producing and breeding goats, or as a maintenance diet for mature goats. Small Holder Range […]