Smallholder Range

Layers Pellets With added Omega 3 oils for healthy birds and wonderful eggs. Contains grass, maize and marigold petals to promote a naturally golden yolk colour. Mixed Corn Wheat with Non-GM maize. A healthy and nutritious mixed corn treat for your birds. Available in 5kg and 20kg bags For good strong egg shells and optimum […]

Poultry Products

We supply top quality products for all your poultry needs this consists of –¬†Feed, Feeders, Drinkers, Bedding, Treats, Requisites & Supplements.

Chickens – Treating Mites & Lice

Keeping mites and lice at bay is a crucial part of looking after your flock, these little critters have the power to weaken your chickens making them more susceptible to other health issues and diseases. GJL stock a wide variety of treatments and prevention products for your to choose from, pop by and see our […]