NEW D&H Slim Down

All in one weight loss feed to complement a healthy exercise plan.

  • Recipe free from cereal grains and molasses
  • Low calorie with combined starch and sugar below 10%
  • High fibre, palatable, and option to soak
  • Sole bucket feed with balancer built in.
Extra Features:
  • HOOF SUPPORT – Biotin, Zinc, Methionine, Nettle, and Seaweed
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT – Vitamin E and QLC Natural Antioxidant Blend
  • DIGESTIVE SUPPORT – Probiotic Actisaf yeast
    It is a great solution¬†for those…
    • Wanting to give larger bucket feeds without excess calories
    • Feeding to maintain a healthy weight and reduce weight gain
    • Horses that struggle to eat a chaff product
    • Wanting to provide additional digestive, hoof and immune support.
    • Needing to feed a low starch and sugar feed due to metabolic and weight issues.

    Think Slim Down might be suitable for you? If you have a fussy horse or want to check the feed with your pony before buying a bag, check instore for our FREE sample sizes.

    For more information please speak to our GJL Slim Down Ambassadors in store or contact the D&H nutritional helpline advisors on 01270 782 223.