GJL Animal Feeds
supply an extensive range of horse feeds, stocking all the major brands plus our own range of economically priced mixes and cubes. We also supply standard sized bales of hay and straw. We can supply the larger round bales of hay on request. Haylage comes in various sizes from 20kg to 140kg (approx). GJL Animal Feeds has a fantastic range of horse bedding ranging from shavings, straw & shavings mix, rape straw and hemp based products. We also supply rubber mats for the stable and field mats for those muddy areas. To complete the horse range we have a full range of stable equipment, bowls, skips and iron mongery. We also stock and supply wormers and a wide range of horse supplements which you cand buy online with us. You can collect all of these products or for a very small charge we can deliver.

We supply top quality products for all your horses needs this consists of - Feed, Stable Equipment, Bedding, Licks & Treats, Hay & Straw, Show Jumps, Tools, Haylage, Supplements, Wormers, Fly Sprays, Stable Matting, Electric Fencing.

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